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Source Casablanca Stock Exchange

About Maroclear

MAROCLEAR, a trusted partner that supports a growing regional financial hub

In Morocco, the Central Depository is a key player in the way financial market securities flow amidst a dematerialized environment. As administrator of current accounts of securities opened on behalf of its Affiliates, MAROCLEAR is responsible for the dematerialization of securities, their retention and it has to ensure the system of Settlement/Delivery, for stock market transactions and the voluntary sector, by adopting standardized flows, largely automated processes and payment security via the Bank Al-Maghrib payment system. The institution thus provides both the security and the fluidity necessary for the proper functioning of the post-market processes.

Key figures

Capitalization over 12 months in value

Daily average of cash flows released in millions of MAD (MMAD) over 12 months

Number of 12-month securities transactions (OST)

Our jobs

Dematerialization of Securities

Maroclear works closely with the various banks of the place on the dematerialization of the titles of their customers subsidiaries so that they can become themselves ambassadors of the service


In the case of each securities transaction having an accounting impact (dividend or interest payments, repayments, allocations or subscriptions, mergers, exchanges, etc.)


MAROCLEAR ensures the digital custody of dematerialized securities, in this case Shares, Bonds, Treasury bills, Negotiable Debt Securities, Mutual funds, Mortgage backed securities (FPCT), Collective Investment Funds (OPCC) and Real Estate Capital Funds (OPCI).


MAROCLEAR is responsible for the settlement of any transaction carried out on transferable securities admitted to its operations, in accordance with the delivery vs payment principle


As a Moroccan Codification Agency “AMC”, MAROCLEAR assigns codes to the values admitted to its operations.

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Moroccan Museum of Transferable Securities

Discover the Museum of MAROCLEAR

6th Moroccan project of its kind in the world, the Maroclear Moroccan Museum of Transferable Securities is a first on the African continent. Officially inaugurated in Casablanca by His Royal Highness, Prince Moulay Rachid on November 17, 2006, it was entirely set up, financed and brought to light by Maroclear, Central Securities Depositary in Morocco.

Our Partners and Labels


As a market infrastructure in Morocco, Maroclear is a partner of several financial institutions and associations of the industry. Together, they manage the financial transactions on the Financial City on a daily basis and they ensure the good realization thereof.
Maroclear is also a member of several regional and international associations of the financial sector and actively participates in the meetings of these associations.
Maroclear maintains tight and regular relations with several foreign Central Depositories. It has signed partnership agreements with a number of them, aimed to facilitate exchanges and to promote the sharing of information and experiences.