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Who are we?

Maroclear, a trusted partner in the service of a burgeoning regional financial hub

Who are we?


MAROCLEAR is the Central Securities Depository in Morocco since 1997, by the Law No. 35-96 of 09 January 1997.



In Morocco, the Central Depository is a key player in the way financial market securities flow amidst a dematerialized environment. As an administrator of current accounts of securities opened on behalf of its Affiliates, MAROCLEAR is responsible for the dematerialization of securities, their retention and it has to ensure the system of Settlement/Delivery, for stock market transactions and the voluntary sector, by adopting standardized flows, largely automated processes and payment security via Bank Al-Maghrib's payment system. The institution thus provides both the necessary security and fluidity for the proper functioning of the post-market processes.






Since its last major reform in 1993, the Moroccan capital market has steadily improved its infrastructure and operating rules. The Casablanca market now has a clear regulatory framework and a range of services adapted to the needs of investors. Considered as one of the most important infrastructure of the market, the Central Depository has invested heavily in acquiring powerful technological tools. The operations are carried out according to the best international standards, in the utmost transparency and security.


Our Motto: "Trust is the Most Valuable Asset of an Ambitious Market"