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Our CSR policy

Maroclear anchors its CSR approach in the strategy of the company and its services

CSR Policy




Maroclear was the first financial market infrastructure to receive the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) label, issued in March 2013 and renewed in 2016 by the CGEM Label Award Committee, thus forming part of an ambition to be a responsible economic actor committed to its economic and social environment.


As a central player in the Moroccan financial market, MAROCLEAR acts as a responsible actor to ensure that the general interest is taken into account in carrying out its missions, thereby creating added value with all stakeholders.



MAROCLEAR is firmly committed to the positive transformations of societies and economies. Our ambition is to provide innovative and responsible solutions that have a positive impact. Strengthening the transparency of governance, respect for human rights and parity, continuous improvement of employment conditions, protection of the environment, promotion of the responsibility of suppliers and subcontractors, preventing corruption and respect for the rules of healthy competition are key issues to which we actively contribute.


Our CSR approach is based on four axes:


- The Human Capital: fully assuming its responsibility as an Employer

- The environment: to contributing to the environment protection and preservation

- The society: participating in the development of society

- The professional practices: contributing to the deployment of professional practices favoring a sustainable economy