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Maroclear implements systems and procedures to facilitate the retention of securities by affiliates




As the Moroccan Codification Agency, MAROCLEAR’s mission is to codify the securities admitted to its operations. The International Securities Identification Number or ISIN code is one of the main identifiers attributed to Moroccan values.


Each ISIN code assigned is definitive and unique to the identified value. As a Moroccan Codification Agency, MAROCLEAR is a member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA).


ANNA aims to maintain and promote the international ISO 6166 standard on the identification of securities (shares, bonds, etc.). It also aims to make available to its members, and to the securities’ industry as a whole, an identification code in a uniform structure (ISIN code). ANNA brings together 120 coding agencies worldwide.


The identification of an instrument by an ISIN code is a guarantee for investors, given the world renown of ANNA as the main institution able to offer expertise in the coding of financial instruments. The ISIN code is also intended to facilitate transactions and to facilitate the completion of unambiguous and secure settlement procedures.