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Resilience and Performance

Security and continuity policies aim to ensure the resilience of Maroclear’s activities

Resilience and Performance


Since its creation, MAROCLEAR has put the evolution of its IT systems at the heart of its development strategy.


As a systemically risky market infrastructure, the Information System represents the driving force behind the development of its business offering and the guarantee of its resilience.


MAROCLEAR has always chosen latest generation and proven technologies. This allowed it, in the eyes of the various renowned manufacturers, to be a reference in the field on the Moroccan market in general and the financial sector in particular.


Continuous improvement of services, the adoption of best practices and standards, the regular assessment of the effectiveness of IT systems security devices, the continuity of IT services as well as the compliance of IT processes count for the day-to-day challenges, which MAROCLEAR has to face.


In a world of continuous shifts, MAROCLEAR pays particular attention to technology watch as an essential tool to monitor the trend of these changes and perpetuate its position as a reference player on the Casablanca Finance City.


Given the nature of the information managed by MAROCLEAR, it requires a very high level of security. To meet this requirement, MAROCLEAR has set up, in 2013, an information security management system that is compliant with the ISO27001 standard. The ISMS is reviewed annually as part of the surveillance and certification renewal audits so as to remain efficient and effective toward permanent changes in the internal and external environment of MAROCLEAR.


MAROCLEAR works to promote its current business continuity system into a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in accordance with the requirements and good practices laid out by the ISO22301 standard and in alignment with its regulatory, legal and contractual requirements. In this context, MAROCLEAR carries out annually a real exercise of "backup site failover", and this, in close collaboration with the SRBM (Gross Settlements Systems in Morocco) and the various stakeholders.


Management systems help to promote continuity and security management systems to a global dimension that will give MAROCLEAR the ability to withstand and recover quickly from disruptions at the organizational or operational level.