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  • June 2019

    MAROCLEAR proceeded to the failover of its operational activities on its backup site

    April 2019

    Maroclear organizes the 5th World Forum Conference of CSDs in Marrakech

    February 2019

    Signature of an assistance contract with the BEAC for the establishment of a single Central CEMAC sub-region custodian

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  • June 2018

    MAROCLEAR proceeded to the failover of its operational activities on its backup site

  • December 2017

    Maroclear marks its 20th anniversary with various communication operations

    December 2017

    Joint signing with BVC and APSB of a partnership for the development of Lagos stock markets

    May 2017

    Signature of a Cooperation Agreement with the Central Depository / Settlement Bank in Côte d'Ivoire

    November 2017

    Application and selection of Maroclear for the organization of the WFC in 2019 in Morocco

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  • May 2016

    Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Professional Organisation of the Banks of Morocco for commercialization of the dematerialization of securities

    May 2016

    Signature of a partnership agreement with Maroc PME (SME) for the promotion of the service of dematerialization of securities with companies benefiting from Maroc PME’s support

    April 2016

    Renewal of the certification ISO 27001

    March 2016

    Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with MCDR

    January 2016

    Redesign of the fee schedule

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  • May 2015

    Launch of the sixth version of the business platform TCS Bancs.

  • September 2014

    Establishment of internal control within the Audit Department

    June 2014

    Overall redesign of the visual identity and the brand of Maroclear

    May 2014

    New Human Resources organizational structure

    January 2014

    Implementation of a new Data Center

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  • December 2013

    ISO 27001 certification for all activities

    January 2013

    Launch of the three-year strategic plan CAP 2014-2016

    September 2013

    Setting up of the Communication & Business Development Office

    July 2013

    A 50% discount in what regards the commission on transactions for a year

    July 2013

    Exemption from admission fees

    April 2013

    Establishment of rules and mechanisms for good governance

    March 2013

    Acquisition of the CSR label from CGEM

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  • September 2012

    Adoption of a unified solution IT & network security

  • April 2011

    Launch of the new incident reporting interface

    May 2011

    Depository Participants satisfaction

    June 2011

    Audit of technical architecture

    August 2011

    Launch of the Business Continuity Plan review

    November 2011

    Update of the procedures manual

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  • August 2010

    Generalized tests of the new platform

    May 2010

    Updating of management rules

    July 2010

    Generalized tests of the new platform

    September 2010

    Go-live of the new production platform TCS Bancs

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  • January 2009

    Generalization of data exchange in encrypted mode

    July 2009

    Installation of the technical prerequisites for the new platform

    May 2009

    Accession in the Union of Arab Stock Exchanges

    February 2009

    Automation of the integration of settlement instructions X-Appari

    September 2009

    Beginning of bilateral tests on the stock exchange

    October 2009

    Organisation of the 10th General Assembly of the AMEDA (the Africa and Middle East Depositories Association)

    November 2009

    Using dedicated links as the primary means of trade communication

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  • February 2008

    Start up site for the revision of the settlement channels procedures

    May 2008

    Setting up the steering committees for the project to change the settlement platform

  • June 2007

    Automation of the integration of settlement instructions X-Franco

    July 2007

    Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Maroclear

    December 2007

    Agreement signing between Maroclear and TCS for the acquisition of the new IT platform

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  • April 2006

    Organisation of the 3rd General meeting AMEDA

    September 2006

    Integration of the RTGS payment system

    October 2006

    Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between Maroclear and BVMAC to assist the implementation the Central Security Depository for the CEMAC region

    November 2006

    Establishment of the Moroccan Museum of securities

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  • January 2005

    Publication of the decree of the Minister of Finance and Privatization No. 77-05 of January 17th, 2005 approving the amendments made to the general regulations of the Central Security Depository

    February 2005

    Generalization of the necessity to segregate assets in listed securities

    October 2005

    data exchanges encryption on the RIAD network

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  • April 2004

    Publication of Dahir No. 1-04-20 of April 21st, 2004, enacting law No. 43-02 , amending and supplementing law No. 35-96 relating to the establishment of a Central Securities Depository and a general scheme for account registration of certain securities.

    May 2004

    Membership in AMEDA (Africa & Middle East Depositories Association)

  • February 2003

    Launch of the destruction fixed bearer securities

    March 2003

    Establishment of an offsite backup

    September 2003

    Transfer of the technical installations to the new headquarters.

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  • December 2002

    Extension of the tele transmission to the Franco network (X-Franco)

    March 2002

    effective launch of delivery versus simultaneous payment for listed securities

    March 2002

    Shortening of the settlement cycle from T + 5 to T + 3

    March 2002

    Integration of the intermediary brokerage firms in the process of delivery versus payment

    March 2002

    Maroclear takes in charge of the adjustment process, end of the TRT system

    April 2002

    Admission of mortgage backed securities

    January 2002

    Decentralization of the management of OTC transactions (X-Appari)

    February 2002

    Publication of Decree No. 2-01-2737 of July 17th, 2002 relating to the destruction of materially represented bearer securities having been registered in an account

    September 2002

    Membership in the ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies) and ISSA (International Securities Services Association) associations

    October 2002

    Sale ofbearer securities not yet deposited for account registration

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  • October 2001

    Provision of accounting documents in electronic format

    August 2001

    Introduction of tele transmission network

  • March 2000

    First admissions of Mutual Funds

    July 2000

    Signing of the agreement with Sicovam for the management of the Moroccan securities listed in both Casablanca and Paris

  • February 1999

    Maroclear’s launch of an information campaign on dematerialization aimed at the general public

    March 1999

    Suspension of the rights attached to unregistered securities

    March 1999

    End of the transitional phase for the dematerialization system

    July 1999

    Transfer of the management of treasury bills from Bank Al-Maghrib to Maroclear

    July 1999

    Implementation of delivery versus payment for Treasury bills

    October 1999

    Admission of Negotiable Debt Securities

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  • September 1998

    Production launch of the SEMS software

    July 1998

    Publication of the decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance No. 932-98 of April 16th, 1998, approving the General Regulations of the Central Security Depository

    October 1998

    Accreditation of the first financial intermediaries custodians by Order No. 1968-98 of October 15th, 1998 issued by the Minister of Economy and Finance

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  • January 1997

    Publication of law No. 35-96 on the establishment of the Central Security Depository and the dematerialization of securities

    July 1997

    Beginning of the pickup operation of bearer securities of publicly listed companies