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Our Human Ressources Policy

Human capital is considered by Maroclear as one of its strategic pillars

Human Ressources Policy


Since its creation in 1997, MAROCLEAR has always placed the human capital at the heart of its strategy. Our ambition is to make MAROCLEAR a reference employer both nationally and regionally. For this, we seek to develop and retain our employees and attract the best talent and create, with each employee, a strong link based on a long-term vision of their career.


Our Human Resources policy is articulated around several axes among which: a close HR team, a standardized management, a sustained support in skills and careers management, a collective innovation as well as a transparent communication...


A Close HR Team:

Human Capital ensures a sustained presence, in all MAROCLEAR business lines, in support of Managers who are the first HR interface with employees whom listening with a highest attention.


A standardized and efficient management system:

Management is a key driver of employee performance and commitment. Thus, MAROCLEAR has set up a standardized management system for the hierarchical, middle management and management levels, combined with training and support systems for the development of managerial skills.


Sustained support for skills development and career management:

MAROCLEAR deploys all the necessary means to enable each employee to steer their professional career in a logic of co-construction. Training is provided to all employees, regardless of age, status or position within the company.


Collective innovation:

In the outlook of contributing to the company’s performance, MAROCLEAR continually encourages the innovative ideas of its employees.


Transparent HR communication:

MAROCLEAR has set up an HR organization to disseminate the key HR messages and values of the institution, thus contributing to the development of employee cohesion and motivation.