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Our services

Maroclear is resolutely committed to the development of the regional financial hub under the best cost and security conditions for its national and international investors

Our services


MAROCLEAR ensures the digital custody of dematerialized securities, in this case Shares, Bonds, Treasury bills, Negotiable Debt Securities, Mutual funds, Mortgage backed securities (FPCT), Collective Investment Funds (OPCC) and Real Estate Capital Funds (OPCI).


MAROCLEAR is responsible for the settlement of any transaction carried out on transferable securities admitted to its operations, in accordance with the delivery vs payment principle


In the case of each securities transaction having an accounting impact (dividend or interest payments, repayments, allocations or subscriptions, mergers, exchanges, etc.), MAROCLEAR informs its affiliates of the details of the transaction and credits them, as the case may be, in securities, coupons or rights, on the basis of their balances on the due date.


As a Moroccan Codification Agency “AMC”, MAROCLEAR assigns codes to the values admitted to its operations.

Dematerialization of Securities

Maroclear works closely with the various banks of the place on the dematerialization of the titles of their customers subsidiaries so that they can become themselves ambassadors of the service