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Maroclear centralizes the custody of all its to-be-traded securities


In its capacity as Central Depository, Maroclear is responsible for carrying out any act of preservation adapted to the nature and form of the securities it retains.


In this respect, and for each value admitted to its operations, MAROCLEAR records all securities issued on the basis of the information provided by the issuing legal entity. In return, the securities held by MAROCLEAR are credited to the current accounts of the account holders, Affiliates of the Central Depository, namely Banks and Brokerage Firms.


It is to be noted though that these institutions are required to hold the securities admitted on their own account and the assets they manage for their customers, in separate accounts at the Central Depository; MAROCLEAR having no direct relationship with the general public.


For every single issue, Maroclear constantly checks that the total issued number should be equal to the total number of shares registered in the accounts of its Affiliates. A securities accounting plan defining the rules for the conservation and movement of securities is binding on both MAROCLEAR and its affiliates, which in turn confers maximum security and imperviousness levels for the preservation of the securities.