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Message from the President

We are committed to the development of the market and its institutions

Message from the President
mme bennis


After 20 years of existence, we continue our strategy focused on the continuous improvement of our services for the Moroccan market, without losing sight of the strengthening of our role in the development of a regional and international financial hub in Morocco. As the Central Depository, MAROCLEAR is positioned as a key player in the Moroccan Financial Center. It must remain the guarantor of the smooth functioning of the market.


With the adoption of the new strategic plan Cap 2018-2022, MAROCLEAR marked a turning point. Focused on technology and innovation, this plan is a continuation of our proactive approach and our desire to anticipate major technological shifts.


Indeed, we must today accelerate our digital transformation if we want to be in phase with the various developments in the international financial market. The use of new technologies offers us opportunities to diversify our activities, improve the quality of our services and make them more accessible, less expensive and secured. The Blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence) will not fail to provide additional guarantees through functions deemed unfalsifiable. Such a technological breakthrough undoubtedly presents a chance for MAROCLEAR to reinforce the resilience and the rise of its information system.


At the same time, we will obviously have to continue to invest in human capital. Our goal is to bring our teams to the highest levels of expertise and performance but also to share the strong values that drive MAROCLEAR. I take this opportunity to thank all the staff of MAROCLEAR for its rigor and mobilization to steadfastly meet the requirements of our stakeholders.


In the coming years, MAROCLEAR will remain true to its commitments, particularly in its involvement in South-South cooperation. In this respect, the Casablanca Financial City is now entering a new development phase. MAROCLEAR is fully committed to this dynamic and shall actively fulfill its role.


We remain committed to the development of the market and its Institutions and the realization of our Kingdom’s ambition to extend throughout Africa.



Mrs Fathïa BENNIS,

Chairperson & CEO